4 Tricks/Tips to Use a Paint Roller like a Pro

paint roller

Almost everyone can use a paint roller but only professionals have tips and tricks under their sleeve. Wanna know the secrets? Lucky for you, we’re feeling extra generous today! Here are the four tips you can use to become a paint roller pro. However, please know that using a paint sprayer is almost always the better option over a power roller.

  • Apply the paint immediately. It’s a big no-no to wait too long to apply the paint. Lay on the paint then spread it immediately. Do these two steps again and again. You can also lay paint on every three to four feet of the wall before smoothing them all. This will be easier.
  • Apply new paint onto wet paint. Sounds confusing? This means you have to overlap newly applied paint onto wet paint. Don’t wait for the section to dry, or else a lap mark would appear and the area will look uneven. This is the reason why you have to follow the first tip.
  • Keep the paint roller clean. Don’t let it pick up pieces of debris or any dirt for that matter. If there’s dried paint, clean the roller there and then. If there are lumps on the wall, pick them up before the paint dries. A wet rag that’s easily accessible will be very beneficial during these times.
  • Don’t allow roller marks and fat edges to exist. Here are some of the methods you can follow to avoid the two:
    • Scrape the remaining paint from the roller using either a roller-scraping tool or a putty knife. It’s important to scrape before you wash the roller with water. Wash until the water turns clear. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can purchase a roller and paint brush spinning tool. All you have to do is insert the roller or brush in the spinner and allow it to do its job.
    • Never press too hard when you’re in the smoothing process.
    • Don’t begin against an edge with a roller full of paint. Doing so will leave a heavy paint buildup which would be impossible to spread out. The best area to start with is six inches from the edge.
    • Never submerge the roller in the paint! If you want to load it, don’t submerge it. The paint will spill as your roll. Only dip the hairs of the roller and spin it against the screen. Dip and spin it again until it’s loaded.
    • Get rid of excess paint before you roll again over the wall to smooth the paint out. You can do this by tilting the paint roller and apply a bit extra pressure to the open side of your paint roller while rolling it upward and downward in the area you’ve recently painted.