6 Ways to Successfully get rid of Spray Paint on your Skin & Nails

hands paint

Method 1: Oil

Why Oil? Because most paints are oil-based, therefore washing with water won’t work. Other oils, however, can mix with the paint and remove the paint from your skin.

  1. Choose an oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s vegetable, olive, coconut, or even baby oil. However, I recommend vegetable oil. You can even use margarine and butter. Never choose corrosive oils such as turpentine. They can irritate the skin because of their harshness. If you have no choice, you can use them provided you do so on your hands or feet only because these parts of your body have tougher skin.

  2. Rub the oil. If you have a cooking spray, you can directly spray it on your skin. You can also soak a cotton ball or a clean cloth in the oil and rub the oil. Scrub properly.

  3. Rinse the oil under running water. If there are still remaining paint on your skin, repeat the process until there isn’t any remaining paint. It’s important that the running water flows quickly while you’re rinsing the oil. You can also use soap to get rid of the oily feeling.

Method 2: Petroleum Jelly

Why Petroleum Jelly? Because this oil product is effective against spray paints which are usually oil-based.

  1. Put petroleum jelly on the paint-covered skin. Be sure to coat a sufficient amount of petroleum jelly using your fingers. While you’re at it, don’t forget to apply firm pressure.

  2. Don’t spread the petroleum jelly. Make sure it’s only on the paint-covered paint, otherwise you’ll be spreading the paint on other parts of your skin.

  3. For best results, combine petroleum jelly with lotion and cream.

  4. Clean the area using a clean paper towel. Wipe the petroleum jelly and the paint off with a paper towel. Work in straight, even strokes. Stop wiping only when the petroleum jelly has been completely removed.

Method 3: Baby Lotion or Cream

Why baby lotion? It contains no fragrances, no additional chemicals, and dyes, making it safe for the skin.

Why cream? Moisturizing creams contain oil, which can remove the paint off the skin.

  1. Put a generous amount of baby lotion on the paint.

  2. Rub the lotion thoroughly using your hands. Don’t let it spread on the unaffected part of your skin. When your rub, remember to apply pressure without being too hash on your skin.

  3. Leave it for a while. Wait for two to three minutes before you wipe the lotion and the paint off using a clean paper towel. It’s important to wait so that the lotion can be given ample time to bond with the paint.

  4. Repeat the process if there is any remaining paint.

Method 4: Acetone

Why acetone? The chemicals in a nail-polish remover is strong enough to lift up and take the paint off from your skin.

  1. Soak a cotton ball in acetone and rub the area affected by paint.

  2. Continue rubbing until you see the paint come off.

  3. Clean with water.

  4. Acetone

Method 5: Green Scrubbies

Why green scrubbies? Their rough surface can remove paint from nails effectively rather than just washing your nails with running water.

  1. Grab a new or moderately used green scrubby and use it to scrape off the paint on your nails.

  2. Repeat until all the paint has been removed.

Method 6: Mineral Spirits

Why mineral spirits? They are a popular turpentine substitute. The chemicals in mineral spirits allow you to remove paint from nails faster.

  1. Carefully pour mineral spirits on a towel.
  2. Scrape the paint away using the towel.
  3. Repeat until your nails are paint-free.