How To Remove Spray Paint From Concrete (Quick & Easy)

how to easily remove spray paint from concrete

A rookie mistake of using a can of spray paint is to forget to put something beneath it to catch the oversprays and mistakes that are bound to happen. You wind up with a stellar-looking piece, but also a sidewalk with a lot of ugly color. Depending on how much extra paint you’ve laid down, […]

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How to Clean Paint Rollers (Quickly and Easily)

paint roller on wall

After spending all that time painting your wall — which involved gathering all the supplies, prepping to paint, and the hours of actual painting — the last thing you want to do is clean the rollers. They seem to have more paint than is actually on the wall, and it is tempting to just throw […]

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3 Different Types of Primer Paint: Which Should You Use?

paint primer

If you want the finished product of your next paint job to look polished and professional, you need to first apply a primer. This first step of priming your surface, whether it’s drywall, wood, metal, or concrete, can lay the foundation for a uniform, long-lasting final result. What you may not know is that choosing […]

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How Long to Wait Between Coats of Paint?

paint coating

When working on a home project, such as painting a room, there are a few simple rules to follow, one of which is making sure you let your paint dry between coats. If you don’t allow for adequate dry time, the texture will become uneven, there will be visible smudges, and it could cause the […]

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How Long Does Primer Take to Dry?

primer paint

The reason to apply primer to a surface before painting is to provide better adhesion for the paint and increase the overall durability. In that respect, we should apply the primer correctly and allow it to dry before painting. You don’t want to apply your paint too early, or else it will affect the quality […]

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How To Easily Remove Spray Paint From Glass

how to easily remove spray paint from glass

The great thing about spray paint is that it’s easy enough for anyone to use. The bad thing about it is that it’s also easy for anyone – including people with lots of experience – to screw it up. We’re not just talking about uneven coats or globbing that leads to runs. We’re talking about […]

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How To Remove Paint From Concrete: 3 Effective Ways

how to remove paint from concrete

You may think that if you accidentally spill or drip paint onto your concrete floor, it will be there forever. You can remove it; it just takes some time and patience. We are going to give you a way to remove the paint, no matter what size the spot. Small spots: Supplies you will need: […]

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4 Substitutes for Mineral Spirits You Can Find At Home

paint atelier

We often find ourselves so immersed in a project that we don’t notice our mistakes until way later. With painting, this might mean that we have to undo the work that we have just done. Fortunately, mineral spirits can clean our mistakes right up! But what if you’ve lost your mineral spirits?  Luckily, there are […]

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Paint Sprayers vs Paint Brushes: Which to Choose?

Paint sprayer vs brush

When taking on a home paint job, choosing your equipment is the DIY’ers first step. You have two choices: the paint sprayer, or the paintbrush. Choosing can be a real challenge. The difference in price and performance is immense, and the truth is, different people will benefit from different approaches. Today we will take a […]

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5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

a man paint spraying

The paint sprayers below have been evaluated based on their ability to perform day-to-day painting tasks. Our objective was to compile a list that profiles each of the mainstream types of sprayers, to ensure that professionals and amateurs alike are able to get something that will perform as well as possible. Below, we look at […]

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