24 Must-Have Painting Tools (with Pictures)

must have painting tools

Some people love to paint, while others hate it. No matter where you fit on that scale, things will go a lot easier if you have the proper tools before you start. We have put together a list of 18 different tools that are needed to help you save time, money and be prepared. We […]

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How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry?

a bunch of spray paint cans

Spray paint is an excellent and easy way to give your furniture a facelift. One of the best aspects of this tool is that it is so simple just about anyone can use it to get the results they are hoping for. But even with that said, there is a little bit of a learning […]

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7 Ways To Get Rid of Paint Smells (Tips & Tricks)

a paint-roller

We all paint rooms in our homes to get a new look. You might just be tired of what is there, or you may have dark spots that you need to cover up. Who says that you even need a reason? Why not do it just because you can? It’s your house, right? You may […]

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Best Brass Spray Paints 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a brass spray paint

You’re probably thinking that it’s just spray paint, so how hard can picking one be? Most brass spray paints are indeed very similar and provide more or less the same benefits. Determining what a particular spray paint lacks will help you distinguish between average spray paints and the more convenient and beneficial spray paints. However, […]

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Best Spray Paints for Glass – Top Picks & Reviews 2019

a spray paint for glass

Spray paint has a reputation for not being a very effective way of painting glass. If it’s not done with a lot of care, it looks sloppy. It’s also easy to chip off. Most people prefer using hand paints. Done right, however, sprayed paint can have an almost elegant look. Add a final layer of […]

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Best Metallic Silver Spray Paints 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a metallic silver spray paint

There are times when it’s okay to accept a second choice when shopping for something. When it comes to metallic silver spray paint, that’s just not the case. We’re talking about something that, while pretty inexpensive, will be noticed if you screw up a job. Getting it right starts with good spray paint that will […]

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Best Automotive Clear Coat Spray Cans 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a car

Most of us value the appearance of our cars. A sleek, shiny car says that you care about details, are organized, and take your image seriously. One great way to preserve that look is to put a clear coat on your car’s paint job. It’ll not only protect your car’s exterior from nicks and scratches […]

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Best Spray Paints for Rims 2019 – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Painted car rims

The spray paints for rims that found their way onto this list did so by virtue of several qualities that are most important to buyers: appearance, durability, and overall effectiveness. As we formulated our reviews of spray paint for rims, we tested each product personally. To find the five options before you, we had to sample […]

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Best Chrome Spray Paints 2019 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

a chrome spray paint

To find the products listed in our chrome spray paint reviews, we experimented with hundreds of different paints. We evaluated them based on qualities that we know are important to consumers. These factors include the paint’s appearance, its durability, its value offering, and the overall user experience it provides. Below you will find eight of […]

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Best Folding Ladders 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a folding ladder

Did you know that an average of 175,000 ladder-related injuries are reported every year? Although some of these are a result of negligence and human error, faulty ladders play a big part in these incidents. Picking the most suitable folding ladder for your needs is therefore not only crucial to your work but your safety […]

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