Paint Sprayers VS. Rollers: Which to Choose?

paint sprayers vs rollers

Painting your home has traditionally been a task that is destined to take all day (if not many days) to complete. In the past, paint brushes, and, more importantly, paint rollers, have been the do-it-yourselfers’ only option for reinvigorating a room with fresh color. However, paint sprayers have been around for some time now, and […]

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How To Start a Painting Business in 6 Simple Steps

a quick guide to starting a painting business

Do you have a knack for painting? A sturdy collection of equipment? A desire to earn a living doing something that you like? If so, you may be a good candidate to start your own painting business. It can be a little nerve racking venturing into the world of self employment. It’s also extremely rewarding. […]

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Painting Supplies Checklist: Everything You Need for Your First Painting Job

tools you need for your first paint job

Taking on a do it yourself painting project does not need to be hard. However, you do need to do some prep work before you get started. A big part of that prep work is assembling the right tools that will help you tackle just about any paint job. But how is one to know […]

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How to Mix Paint for Your Spray Gun: 5 Simple Steps

Man using mask and paint gun

Mixing paint is a fine art. Not only that, but the quality of your eventual work, as well as the health of your spray system both depend on you being good at it. Practice is going to be your best friend when it comes to learning how to mix paint for your spray gun, but […]

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How to Prepare a Wall for Painting: 6 Quick Steps (Tips & Tricks)

wall ready for painting

Ready to paint your wall? Maybe you are prepared mentally, but there is also some important prework that needs to be done before you can reinvigorate your room with color. Preparing a wall for painting is not hard, but it is critical to a job well done. Today we will go over how you can […]

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DeVilbiss StartingLine vs FinishLine: Which One’s Best?

DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342

This review puts two DeVilbiss paint spray guns against each other; the StartingLine 802342 versus the FinishLine 4 FLG-670. This is a closer competition than you might think, given that both come from the same manufacturer and address many of the same requirements. They’re not even that far apart in terms of price. The StartingLine […]

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Graco 395 vs Titan 440: Which One’s Best for You?

Titan 440

We are comparing a pair of top-tier airless sprayers in this review, the Graco Ultra 395 and Titan’s Impact 440. Both are manufactured and marketed by two of the leading companies making airless sprayers and both hail from the State of Minnesota. Nothing like a little in-state rivalry to keep things interesting. Both sprayers are […]

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Graco 390 vs 395 – Which One’s the Best Choice?

holding Graco 390

Minnesota-based Graco produces a wide range of high-quality fluid-handling equipment. A key line in their product offering is airless sprayers for the professional painting contractor market segment. These are definitely pro-grade pieces of equipment and are not recommended for the typical homeowner/DIY enthusiast, unless they have experience with airless sprayers. Why? Because to produce the […]

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Graco SG2 vs SG3: Which One is Best?

Graco SG3

Graco makes some of the best personal use paint sprayer systems on the market. If you are looking for something that will be able to reliably address the needs of a large-scale painting job, you would be wise to give their product line a close look. While it can sometimes be easy choosing a Graco […]

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Fuji Semi Pro 2 vs Earlex HV5500: Which one is best?

painting chair

Earlex makes high-quality HVLP paint sprayer systems. Fuji also makes high-quality HVLP paint sprayer systems. Both companies have well established reputations for quality, and both companies do well to live up to those reputations with each new product that they release. It makes choosing between them kind of hard, doesn’t it? We certainly thought so. […]

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