How to Mix Paint for Your Spray Gun: 5 Simple Steps

Man using mask and paint gun

Mixing paint is a fine art. Not only that, but the quality of your eventual work, as well as the health of your spray system both depend on you being good at it. Practice is going to be your best friend when it comes to learning how to mix paint for your spray gun, but […]

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How to Prepare a Wall for Painting: 6 Quick Steps (Tips & Tricks)

wall ready for painting

Ready to paint your wall? Maybe you are prepared mentally, but there is also some important prework that needs to be done before you can reinvigorate your room with color. Preparing a wall for painting is not hard, but it is critical to a job well done. Today we will go over how you can […]

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6 Steps to Make a Paint Job Last Much Longer

make a paint job last much longer

If you are going to work hard on a paint job, it should stand the test of time, right? While pro-jobs usually do, amateur work sometimes does not. Certainly, this is frustrating, but it also is not necessary. Today we will go over some steps that will help make your paint jobs last much longer […]

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4 Tricks/Tips to Use a Paint Roller like a Pro

tips to use a paint roller

Using a paint roller can be an easy and economical way to give a room in your home a facelift. The problem? There is a big premium on doing a good job. After all, this is your home that we are talking about, right? Using a paint roller does not have to be hard, but […]

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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Colorful and Fabulous with Spray Paint

colorful christmas tree

Christmas is all about color and happiness right? The classic green tree is nice, but sometimes it could use a little bit of sprucing up. Believe it or not, to achieve this, spray paint can be your friend. Today we will go over how you can safely and effectively make your old tree look better […]

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Mind-blowing: How Much Time You Save With a Paint Sprayer

how much time you save with a paint sprayer

If you have a do it yourself paint job on your hands, you are probably looking for the option that will allow you to work as quickly as possible, right? Your options are pretty clear cut. You can either go traditional and invest in some brushes and rollers, or you can go the heavy-duty route, […]

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How to Quickly Clean a Paint Brush Without Hassle

used paint brush

Cleaning a paintbrush after a long working day is probably the last thing that you want to do. However, if you intend to use the brush again, the fact remains that a good cleaning session is non-negotiable. But good does not need to mean long. Today we are going to go over how you can […]

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How to Paint Spray with Wall Stencils & Get Beautiful Results

wall stencil

You don’t see a lot of wall stenciling these days, which is a real shame. This lost art can produce truly beautiful results for the painter that is willing to commit to it. Of course, like anything worth doing, there is a little bit of a learning curve.  If you are going to try to […]

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How to Spray Paint a Chair in 30 Minutes

Have an old piece of furniture that you would really like to see revamped? Spray painting is the way to go. It’s quick, it’s affordable, and chances are it is probably a lot easier than you are likely to guess. It’s also a lot quicker. Today we are going to go over how you can […]

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How a Can of Spray Paint Works

spraypaint can

You may use spray paint all of the time, but have you ever stopped to wonder how it works? Knowing what exactly happens when you shake up your can and let it loose may have the potential to improve your technique. At the very least, the knowledge makes for a fun little anecdote, right? Read […]

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