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To Rent or Buy a Paint Sprayer? Here’s How To Decide

paint spraying guy

To buy, or to rent. That is the question. If you have a do it yourself paint project on your hands, and you have wisely identified the need for a paint sprayer, the question then becomes whether it will be best to buy or rent one. There are pros and cons to each option that […]

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5 Different Types of Paint Sprayers: Which is Right for You?

a man paint spraying

The paint sprayers below have been evaluated based on their ability to perform day-to-day painting tasks. Our objective was to compile a list that profiles each of the mainstream types of sprayers, to ensure that professionals and amateurs alike are able to get something that will perform as well as possible. Below, we look at […]

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16 Different Types of Ladders & Their Uses – Which is Right for You?

step stool

Ladders themselves aren’t a tool, really. You can’t use them to connect two pieces of wood. You can’t use them to shape metal. You can’t even use them to paint the side of your house. A lot of these jobs, however, would be impossible without a ladder. There are lots of different kinds of ladders, […]

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Parts of a Ladder – Explained with a Diagram

parts of the ladder

The ladder is a ubiquitous tool that just about everyone can find a use for. Whether you are a roofer, or just someone that needs to figure out a way to get the Christmas tree back up in the attic, you will need a ladder. But for as common as these products are, they are […]

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Paint Sprayers vs Paint Brushes: Which to Choose?

paint spraying guy

When taking on a home paint job, choosing your equipment is the DIY’ers first step. You have two choices: the paint sprayer, or the paintbrush. Choosing can be a real challenge. The difference in price and performance is immense, and the truth is, different people will benefit from different approaches. Today we will take a […]

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HVLP Paint Sprayers vs Airless: Which to Choose?

Airless VS HVLP paint spraying_new

When looking for a paint spray system, most shoppers are going to find it immediately apparent that there are a lot of factors that go into the decision. Forget for a moment that there are loads of options out there. There are also just different system types that you are also going to have to […]

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Paint Sprayers vs Rollers: Which to Choose?

paint sprayers vs rollers

Painting your home has traditionally been a task that is destined to take all day (if not many days) to complete. In the past, paint brushes, and, more importantly, paint rollers, have been the do-it-yourselfers’ only option for reinvigorating a room with fresh color. However, paint sprayers have been around for some time now, and […]

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How to Paint Spray Like a Pro in 4 Steps

man using paint sprayer

Congratulations on your new paint sprayer! If you have ever painted without a sprayer, then you will quickly see how much quicker and more efficient this method is compared to the traditional brush and roller method. And, if this is your first venture into the world of painting, you deserve a further congratulations, because you […]

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The History of Spray Painting: When & Where Was it Invented?

the history of spray painting

If you are a painter, or just a do it yourselfer, you probably use spray paint all of the time. However, you may not have ever stopped to wonder where exactly it came from. Knowing all about spray paints humble origins won’t improve your technique, but it will make for an interesting anecdote at the […]

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Painter’s Putty vs Spackle: Which is Best for Your Needs?

painters putty vs spackle

To use paint’s putty or spackle (or both). That is the question. Sometimes it is the smallest questions that are the hardest, isn’t it? If you are starting on a do it yourself paint job, you have probably encountered the need to choose between spackle and putty. If you are finding it hard to determine […]

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