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HVLP Paint Sprayers VS. Airless: Which to Choose?

Airless VS HVLP paint spraying_new

When looking for a paint spray system, most shoppers are going to find it immediately apparent that there are a lot of factors that go into the decision. Forget for a moment that there are loads of options out there. There are also just different system types that you are also going to have to […]

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7 Steps to Properly Mix Paint for Your Spray Gun

Man using spray paint gun

Paint. Paint. Paint. Whether you’re about to spray paint walls, chairs, cabinets, or even your car, you’d want to achieve a smooth finish. To attain the best results, you need to mix the paint properly before applying it using a spray gun. No matter how powerful and high-quality your paint sprayer is, if the paint […]

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Most People Make These 10 Paint Spraying Mistakes

spray painting

Detaching the connector hose from the compressor too early – It’s wrong to disconnect the hose while your air compressor is still charging. Doing so will allow the compressed air to harm you by going around and hitting you. Paint may even be scattered all over the place! That’s the worst case scenario. Not cleaning […]

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6 Ways to Successfully get rid of Spray Paint on your Skin & Nails

hands paint

Method 1: Oil Why Oil? Because most paints are oil-based, therefore washing with water won’t work. Other oils, however, can mix with the paint and remove the paint from your skin. Choose an oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s vegetable, olive, coconut, or even baby oil. However, I recommend vegetable oil. You can even use […]

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8 Steps to Make a Paint Job Last Much Longer

paint wall ladder

Spend ample time for preparation. Make sure the surfaces of what you’ll work on are smooth and free from cracks. If necessary, use gap filler to fill holes and depressions. The longer the preparation, the longer the paint job will endure. Invest in high-quality supplies. Use top-quality, positively-reviewed brushes, rollers, stains, and primers. Don’t settle […]

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4 Tricks/Tips to Use a Paint Roller like a Pro

paint roller

Almost everyone can use a paint roller but only professionals have tips and tricks under their sleeve. Wanna know the secrets? Lucky for you, we’re feeling extra generous today! Here are the four tips you can use to become a paint roller pro. However, please know that using a paint sprayer is almost always the […]

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Paint Sprayers VS. Paint Brushes: Which to Choose?

paint brushes

Painting is a fun way to give your furniture or your entire house a new and gorgeous look. However, choosing between paint sprayers and paint brushes could be a little confusing especially for a beginner. To help you select the right one for the job, we’ll present the pros and cons of both. Paint Sprayers […]

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Paint Sprayers VS. Rollers: Which to Choose?


Choosing between the two has always been confusing. But in this article, we’ll look into each of them closely and see which is better in terms of comfort, the range of use, the amount of paint used, and the time required. Before we start comparing, let’s examine each of them first. Paint Sprayers – What’s […]

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How to Prepare a Wall for Painting


Walls aren’t meant to be boring. They’re supposed to shout “I’m good-looking, so look at me!” But they can’t boast about themselves if they aren’t even interesting to notice in the first place! If you need to do some makeover to your bland wall, your paint sprayer can be your best buddy for the project. […]

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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Colorful and Fabulous with Spray Paint

Christmas tree

Does your Christmas tree look exactly the same since you got it a few years back? You might be punishing it by just changing its clothes and not giving it a makeover! Christmas trees should be the center of attraction, aside from the food, every Christmas season. And because it’s the most wonderful time of […]

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