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Wagner Paint Eater Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Wagner PaintEATER 0513040 removing paint

 A Quick Look at the Wagner Paint Eater One or two-handed operation Operating any type of rotating tool requires a sure grip. The Paint Eater accommodates both single and two-handed use with its folding handle. When you need to apply a bit more muscle or are in an awkward position, the two-handed option is very […]

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Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Review

Graco Magnum 257025 for painting yard

A Quick Look at the Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Easy to Clean: Good for Everyone: One of the best features with this, and in fact many Graco products, is that it is very easy to clean. This is due mostly to the garden hose adapter port. With this feature, cleaning out the majority of […]

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Graco Magnum X7 Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Using the Graco outdoors

Graco Magnum X7 – A Quick Look Important Features: Lots of Access: Airless spray systems like the Graco Magnum X7 are largely used for painting large-scale projects, such as a room, or even the exterior of a house. Because these projects are addressing large, and sometimes very high-up, surfaces, access becomes an issue. This is […]

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Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Fuji 2202

A Quick Look at the Fuji Semi-Pro 2: Twenty-Five Foot Hose: Good For Accessibility: Because HVLP sprayers are not used to paint home exteriors, hose-length is often not emphasized as an extremely important feature. However, it can still be handy to have a lengthier hose. Why? Because with twenty five feet of hose length, you […]

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Graco Magnum X5 Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Graco Magnum x5 outdoor

Graco Magnum X5 – A Quick Look: 75 Feet Of Reach: This type of paint sprayer is really good for painting both interior or exterior walls. For these jobs, you want as much reach as you can get. There are some sprayers out there with a hose reach of close to one hundred feet (which […]

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Fuji Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM Review: Pros & Cons

Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM

Our Fuji Mini-Mite 4 Review – A Quick Look: Important Features: Comfortable Spray Gun: Good for Long Days on the Job You don’t often think of comfort when looking into spray guns, but if you’re serious about your finishing, you probably should. This is a tool that will spend a lot of time in your […]

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DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit Review

DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit

A Quick look at the DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Painting This handles base coats quite nicely.  For cars that need touch-ups or full body paints, this gun lays down a consistently smooth coat of paint.  It’s also well adapted to finish coats and detail work.  Use a smooth, steady movement as you spray the paint or […]

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Graco Ultra 395 Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Graco Ultra 395

A quick look at the Graco Ultra 395: Out with the bad air Paint sprayers operate in a tough environment. There is a lot of paint and other material suspended in the air that should not be allowed into the motor housing. Graco uses a fully enclosed motor and fans to keep these contaminants out […]

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Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Wagner Flexio 590 for ceiling

Wagner Flexio 590 – A Quick Look iSpray Nozzle: Providing Versatility The iSpray nozzle is a very convenient way to adjust paint spray patterns to accommodate the unique needs of a given job. The more you are able to adjust a paint sprayer, the more you will ultimately be able to do with it. As […]

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DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Model 703566 Spray Gun

Tekna ProLite Model 703566 Spray Gun – A Quick Look Non-Stick Coating This spray gun has a coating with non-stick properties on the outside of all the exposed metallic surfaces. This is a blessing to anyone who’s had to spend hours washing the paint off their spray gun because they forgot and left it sitting […]

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