Mind-blowing: How Much Time You Save With a Paint Sprayer

an old paint gun systemHave you ever thought of doing some DIY or home improvement project but you can’t seem to start because you’re worried about the time? We’re here to tell you, WORRY NO MORE! With a paint sprayer, you can finish a project in one afternoon rather than a weekend. Isn’t that fascinating? You’ll be surprised by how dependable a paint sprayer can be despite having a hectic schedule!

What we’re about to tell you in this article is mind-blowing. Ready or not, here we go!

Paint sprayers can save so much time because you only need to coat the surface once. That’s right! No more second or third coat. One major difference between the paint roller/brush and paint sprayer is the amount of paint used. With a paint brush or a roller, you won’t be able to use too much paint because the paint will run. Plus, painting corners and edges will be difficult. You also need to use sufficient paint, otherwise, the paint won’t have a consistent look. That’s why paint sprayers are far more efficient. With just one coat, you’ll get the results you want. A single pass using your paint sprayer will give you an identical result as that of three to four passes using a paint brush or a roller. Isn’t that wonderful? Having that calculation, you can save 15 to 30 seconds on every pass with your paint sprayer. Sure, it might not seem much, but if you’re painting your fence or walls, it would matter a lot. Another great thing about using paint sprayer is that the paint is applied incredibly fast and therefore will dry sooner. For huge projects, it can even save 60% of your time. Mind-blowing, is it not?

And the good news doesn’t end there, my friends. You can save even MORE time! It’s possible if you follow these tips:

  • Clean your paint sprayer every after use. Dried paint shouldn’t remain in the paint spray. It doesn’t belong there!

  • Prevent paint splatters, low pressure, and clogging by cleaning the hoses and other parts.

  • Change the oil in your air compressor when necessary.

  • Store the paint sprayer properly—follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

  • If possible, invest in a paint sprayer that can be attached to your standard garden hose. This will save an enormous amount of time on cleaning and maintenance.