Paint Sprayers VS. Paint Brushes: Which to Choose?

paint brushesPainting is a fun way to give your furniture or your entire house a new and gorgeous look. However, choosing between paint sprayers and paint brushes could be a little confusing especially for a beginner. To help you select the right one for the job, we’ll present the pros and cons of both.

Paint Sprayers


  • Applying paint is fast
  • Can extend to areas that are difficult to reach
  • Only requires a single coat to achieve great results
  • Give smooth finishes with no paint roller or paint brush marks
  • Drying process is fast


  • Requires long preparation time
  • Coat can be uneven; may be too thick or too thin
  • Paint will have a harder time adhering to surfaces
  • Can’t be used on windy days
  • Cleaning up takes time

Paint sprayers sure speed up the paint application and drying process, but speed isn’t just the factor to consider. You also need to practice a lot to get used to the technique, otherwise, the results won’t be as good and the finish won’t be as smooth as they should be. If you’re a beginner, chances are you’ll get drips, runs, uneven coats, and you might overspray, causing the paint to build up in some spots. Another major issue about paint sprayers is the amount of paint used. It uses two to three times more paint and not everything will go to the surface you’re working on. Some of them will be left in the air or hose line. On the bright side, paint sprayers can be used in all types of surfaces and that’s a huge advantage.

Paint Brushes


  • Coverage is even and uniform
  • Give you full control where the paint goes
  • Paint adheres to surfaces easily
  • Can paint every nook and cranny better than paint sprayers


  • Application is slow and tedious
  • Leave brush marks
  • Require two or even more coats
  • Application can be obstructed

“No school like the old school.” A lot of people might prefer brushes because they’re traditional. If you try to look further, they even solve the problems attached to paint sprayers. The downside is they have problems on their own. Painting straight lines with a brush is obviously easier than with a sprayer. It may take a lot of time, but at least you’ll get even coats of paint. Paint brushes may leave marks as well but that doesn’t remove the fact that it can give you better control as to where your paint (and therefore your money) goes.


I recommend you use paint brushes for small projects and if you want full control of the paint application. I say small projects because it’ll take you forever to finish a big one if you’ll use a paint brush. Plus, it will cause your arms to strain. If you’re going to paint huge projects that don’t require straight lines, use paint sprayers. They’ll save a lot of time by covering a wider area. I’ll leave you with one important tip: Whatever you choose, always consider your budget and the quality of the item.