Paint Spraying Uses More Paint than Brushing: True or False?

Let me answer the question before explaining the WHY behind it.

The statement above is TRUE.

Paint spraying has a lot of benefits—one of them is that you can save a lot of time when you’re in a hurry, but one of them isn’t using less paint. Paint spraying requires more paint to give you the result you want. Normally, paint spraying uses two to three times more paint than paint brushing. However, it still depends on the type of your spray gun.

Even airless paint sprayers use more paint. These sprayers are perfect for painting the ceiling or anything above your head for that matter. However, they don’t only use more paint, airless paint sprayers also spray almost half of the paint somewhere else aside from the surface of the object you’re painting. If you don’t know how to use an airless paint sprayer, chances are you’ll waste half of the paint entirely.

Paint spraying sure has this disadvantage but it still is the fastest method to apply paint. With a paint sprayer, you can paint an entire wall in a matter of minutes rather than hours using another way. There’s even a smooth finish! Plus, paint sprayers allow you to reach areas which are normally difficult to reach with a roller.

Paint spraying sure is beneficial because the application is fast. But before using your spray gun for painting, see to it that everything around the object is covered. Your windows should be taped off and anything you don’t want ruined should be removed. No matter how careful you are, the paint can splatter and gift your air with atomized paint.

At the end of the day, it still uses more paint. That information cannot be denied at all. So now that you know the statement is true, what should you do? One thing you can do is to ensure that the tip of your spray gun is in good condition. Trust me, this is an important tip. You could use twice or thrice more paint if the tip of your spray gun is worn out or blown up. Another thing you could do is to backroll to keep the coat even on the surface. Another tip is to make sure you expect that you’ll be needing more paint than usual. Having extra paint buckets before you work on a project would be much helpful. It’s one way to avoid disappointment in the end!

Some paint sprayers useless paint than others though, read more about this in our buying guide.